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Affordable Web Hosting - PHP5 and MySQLi provides you competitive, stable, reliable, and affordable web hosting (PHP 4 and PHP5 Hosting) and custom web site development services that suit your budget (low-cost and affordable).

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What we offer:

Unlike other providers, we DO NOT offer you unbelievably large storage space and surprisingly huge bandwidth that exceed actual servers' specifications and capacities. We are geared to give our clients dependable and quality services.

Linux PHP Hosting Packages:


  • 3500 MB (3.5 GB)   Web Space
  • 50.0 GB/month   Bandwidth
  • 5 FTP Account(s)
  • 200 Email Account(s)
  • 50 Email List(s)
  • 20 SQL Database(s)
  • 200 Sub Domain(s)
  • 25 Parked Domain(s)
Yearly rate of $108.00

($9.00/month value)

Learn more about Host-Rich.


  • 1000 MB (1 GB)   Web Space
  • 15.0 GB/month   Bandwidth
  • 1 FTP Account(s)
  • 50 Email Account(s)
  • 10 Email List(s)
  • 5 SQL Database(s)
  • 50 Sub Domain(s)
  • 5 Parked Domain(s)
Yearly rate of $30.00

($2.50/month value)

Learn more about Host-Lite.

See our list of hosting features that you can really use, and compare our very affordable quality plans at Web Hosting Packages.

Our servers run LAMP. Both PHP 4 and PHP5 run simultaneously, and with the MySQLi extension enabled for the latter.

PHP 4 and PHP5 Hosting Features

Features Included in Our Hosting Packages

PHP5 Hosting - Affordable Web Hosting Plus Waived Setup Fee Affordable Web Hosting Plus Waived Setup Fee
PHP5 Hosting - Web-based Control Panel Web Based Control Panel
PHP5 Hosting - Web-based Site Statistics Report Web Based Site Statistics Report
PHP5 Hosting - Web-based File Manager Web Based File Manager (For easy File Uploads and Updates)
PHP5 Hosting - POP3 Email Accounts and SMTP Access POP3 Email Accounts and SMTP Access
PHP5 Hosting - FTP Access FTP Access
PHP5 Hosting - Multiple Software Support Multiple Software Support
PHP5 Hosting - Pre-Installed Scripts Pre-Installed Scripts
PHP5 Hosting - Stable and Reliable Data Center Stable and Reliable Data Center (NAC, NJ and GA, USA)
PHP5 Hosting - including standard web hosting features Includes standard web site hosting features and more.

Budget and Affordable Web Hosting Packages

The Search for the Best PHP and MySQLi Web Hosting

The Search for the Best PHP and MySQLi Web Hosting

The Best PHP and MySQLi Webhosting

(by: Andy Eyh - February 22, 2007)

It is very difficult to find the best webhosting provider that offers you what web developers like me really need. Some webhosting providers provide you so many hosting features albeit incomplete.

It has also been quite a decision to choose the right and most practical technology. Most clients tend to choose the package that is optimal, cost effective, and reliable.

More about the search for PHP and MySQLi Webhosting.

Hosting Servers' Migration and Upgrade

Server Upgrade for Better Service

(February 5, 2007)

Expect a connectivity upgrade by 5th of March, 2007.

In our pursuit to provide you (our customers) better and more reliable service, will be upgrading servers and moving them to a different and more dependable network, and still keeping our affordable web hosting packages at a low price.

Migration and Upgrade Details.

Affordable PHP5 Web Hosting

Budget and Affordable PHP5 Web Hosting

Budget PHP5 Web Hosting and Discounts

(January 10, 2007) offers affordable, low-cost, low-priced, cheaply priced PHP5 hosting with competitive web site hosting packages and features that is right to your budget.

Before you order, contact our sales team to get 5% to 10% discount coupons for PHP hosting packages.

PHP5 Hosting

Growing PHP5 Web Site Hosting

(December 16, 2006)

Slowly, web hosting providers are now starting to offer affordable PHP5 hosting. This is what web developers look for. Many web developers search for PHP5 hosting providers to get into practice their object model programming. To date, there are a number of PHP5 frameworks being developed and enhanced.

Budget PHP5 hosting is very much for PHP developers and seasoned web masters who seek to produce or develop dynamic web sites.

Here at, we are offering both PHP 4 and PHP5 to run on every hosting users account. We are one of the PHP5 developers that aim to provide better client-oriented services through customized web site development and PHP5 hosting.

PHP5 Hosting

Web Site Design and Development

Affordable Custom Design and Development

Aside from our very affordable web hosting packages, we do also provide web design and development services.

What makes our web site development service different?
Here at, our professional and experienced software engineers created a customer oriented PHP5 and MySQL web site framework. Our Site Manager framework allows more customer requirements including flexibility to new and usually tedious Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices.

View this site's HTML source and see the difference. Notice that we do not use HTML Table tags to layout our pages. Our sites validate as XHTML compliant conforming to W3C standards.

Furthermore, we offer you customized PHP5 services, tailored to your site design and development requirements - customer oriented service by providing custom professional PHP5 site design and development at very affordable rates. We see to it that our clients do not share design / layout templates.

Come visit our site often because we are on a continuous search for ways to improve our PHP5 hosting and web development services. Our research and development team keeps on exploring new web technologies including Search Engine Optimization related practices.

Contact Us to learn more about our low-priced services.

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